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-NOT Accepting New Patients-

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How does All-Star Chiropractic differ from traditional chiropractic? Simple, SPINE REMODELING!


When you take your child to the orthodontist and the corrective process to straighten the teeth begins, don’t you subsequently look into the child’s mouth to see the result? We certainly hope so.

In our clinic, chiropractic is to the spine what orthodontics is to the teeth. We take subsequent spine x-rays and you see the result.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. The 3 essential components of spine remodeling include:

Step one: mirror image® (opposite position) postural adjustments.

Step two: mirror image® spinal/postural exercise.

Step three: mirror-image® traction.

It’s really very simple, and that’s how we’re different. Need proof? Visit our Before and After Extravaganza link above!

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CBP® Technique is one of the foremost investigated techniques in Chiropractic.

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  1. Cheryl Ries says:

    I am so thankful for finding a doctor who is not only willing to help “fix” my back problems, but does so at each appointment with such attention to detail, with purposeful & ongoing action plans of treatment & with a caring, compassionate desire to help as well! I have felt so much improvement & I never give into my fears of “what if” now that I am in his care! Thank God for those who care to do their jobs with passion & with a desire to help others! For the first time in a long time, I can imagine a life ahead without chronic pain! I’m very grateful to Dr. David J. Doperak for helping me to overcome a very painful situation!!

  2. Anes Hawro says:

    I highly recommend All Star Chiropractic if you are looking for more than just a traditional chiropractor. Dr. David won’t just crack few bones here and there and send you on your way home. Oh, no! He took his time to make me fully understand what is happening to my spine and what it would take to correct it so I won’t suffer later on in life! He is very kind, patient and pays great attention to quality and details. I went into his office for help with my back pain, but got so much more…THE BEST. Thank you so much!

  3. thezins says:

    Dr. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and will educate you and make sure you understand everything that he is trying to do. But above that, he truly cares about making sure your spine gets to the way he should be! He doesn\’t care merely about keeping you on as a patient to make a profit, but making sure your health is RESTORED.

    Thank you Dr. Dave for sharing your knowledge, and for your honesty and sincerity!!

  4. Andrea Wilson says:

    Do you work with people who have surgically implanted prosthetics? I have a full right hip replacement (2006 summit hip – DePuy) and will need my other side done shortly. I cannot enjoy the benefits oif my device because I desperately need adjustment. I am in constant pain and the area most out of alignment is so bad as to be visible in my lower back. (L3 to S1). I had extensive chiro care in the late 1980’s and know the benefits of chiropractic care. After I fell on my tailbone I was in intensive care for 18 months; when i was done I had never felt better all around. Being in this condition is debilitating and depressing. can you work with me with this prosthetic

    • Dr David J Doperak says:


      Yes, we work with people who have surgically implanted prosthetics and would be happy to work with you. Call our office @ 602-689-0869 to make a new patient appointment and get things started.

  5. Carol Forrest says:

    Great site you have got here…it’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays. I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  6. Ty Adon says:

    Fantastic results from you; just fantastic. I really like what you’re doing and the way in which you do it. You make it entertaining yet still care to keep it sensible. I cant wait to see more. Terrific website.

  7. Heather A. says:

    I discovered exactly what I was looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy search! God Bless you man. Have a great day.

  8. V Bierkin says:

    I’m so grateful to have found you. Thanks for helping me. Keep up the good work.

  9. Mellin H. says:

    This website is awesome and I just wanna thank you for that. I didn’t realize what was possible with chiropractic. Spine remodeling is the way to go. I hope someone in my area does this!

  10. Brandy says:

    I’ve never been to the Chiropractor before but I decided to give it a shot. What could it hurt right? Dr. Dave took xrays of my spine and explained the entire process to me. He told me what was going on with my back and why I’ve been having pain for years. Not only was he very informative and knowledgeable, you could see that he is passionate about his profession and helping others! I had the best sleep I’ve had in years thanks to him! If I wasn’t a believer before I definitely am now! : )

  11. Thomas says:

    Great before and after pics. Don’t see that much when it comes to chiropractic.

  12. Mark Conthey says:

    A fresh approach is just what I needed. Wish I found them 10 years ago when my neck started breaking down. Better late than never i suppose.

  13. Darin Bransen says:

    Thank you All-Star Chiropractic! So much better than I expected.

  14. Carlo L. says:

    Your site is so different from other chiropractors. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. Can’t wait to have the doc check my spine!

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