Before and After – Demand Evidence of Correction!

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Spine Remodeling
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Is your spine optimally aligned? If so, congratulations! A healthy spine is essential to your overall health. If not, get it checked and fix it! Why? Because I have yet to see someone with a bad spine age gracefully. Why? Because the components of spine remodeling are proven effective.

Optimal spine alignment is essential to ward of the negative effects of time, ageing and gravity! When should you have your spine checked? 1. When you want to know whether you’re at risk for degeneration – a distorted spine cannot optimally rebuild itself over time.  2. When you plan to function the way you do now for the rest of your life – a distorted spine results in functional abnormalities, pain and the potential for disability.  3. When you prefer to detect a problem before it’s a crisis – 90% of spine distortions do not cause pain – when you have pain, your nerves are inflamed and your body is in crisis!

Demand evidence of correction, demand spine remodeling and All-Star Chiropractic!

Restored alignment allowed this patient to cancel her surgery and return to work!

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