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Who told you chiropractic is only for neck and back pain? Look around, gravity is winning. Ever wonder why? Ever question how to win the war against time, ageing and gravity?

When you want to win the war, you start educating yourself! You Stop Shrinking & Start Fighting!!!

So, here’s the obvious question: How does this shrinking happen?

  • Accidents, injuries, trauma, falls…
  • Wolff’s Law: bone adapts to the loads it’s placed under. If this load increases, the bone will remodel to become stronger to resist the abnormal loading. The opposite is also true: if the loading on a bone decreases, the bone will become weaker.
  • Davis’ Law: when the ends of a muscle are brought closer together, the muscle will shorten and become contracted. When the ends of a muscle are pulled further away, the muscle will become weak. If your posture is distorted, muscles will shorten to take up the slack and support your distortion.

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“Dear Dr. Doperak, as I watched my son leave our home this morning it was clear his posture wasn’t normal. I’m concerned. Should I be concerned or is this okay?”


Dr. Doperak: “Great question! Yes, you should be concerned; as a twig is bent, so grows the tree.

Posture is the window to the spine and a growing spine is subject to a particular law that dictates how bones grow due to stress. This law, known as Heuter-Volkmanns, states compressive stress slows bone growth whereas a lack of stress accelerates growth. So, to answer your question, the weight of your sons backpack is creating specific compressive stresses causing his body to compensate to maintain balance; this is why his posture is distorted and why you should be concerned.

Let’s continue working through this scenario. For example, if your son carries his backpack on the right side of his body, the compressive stress on the right would slow bone growth. This is not okay. Also, because the weight on the right side would cause him to fall to the right, you’d expect to see his body shift to the left across midline for balance; this could result in a left high shoulder, a left thoracic spine translation, or worse yet, a scoliosis.

Let’s talk about a potential solution. The BETTER scenario is to have the weight of his backpack evenly distributed between the left and right side but also between the front and back. Another consideration is that a heavy backpack placed over his back/spine will cause him to lean forward whereas the same heavy backpack placed in front of his body will cause him to lean back. Both scenarios created center of gravity issues over time and will also influence the way his bones grow negatively.

Now, let’s talk about the best case scenario. In my opinion, the BEST scenario is to equally distribute the contents of his backpack into two separate bags allowing him to carry one bag in his left hand and one in his right. Now, with the weight equally distributed between the left and right, as long as he walks upright maintaining good posture and positioning between the front and back, his daily activity will be beneficial and strengthening instead of detrimental.

Not sure this is worth the effort? The authors of a 2012 study referenced below conclude, ‘backpacks increase the risk of back pain and the possibly of back pathology. The prevalence of school children carrying heavy backpacks is extremely high. Preventive and educational activities should be implemented in this age group.’ So, a simple backpack that causes postural distortions can certainly have serious consequences to a growing spine. Help ensure your son’s growing spine has a fighting chance. Some minor adjustment can go a long way to a healthy spine for a lifetime. This is Dr. Doperak, signing off.”


Rodríguez-Oviedo , P et al. School children’s backpacks, back pain and back pathologies. Arch Dis Child. 2012 Aug;97(8):730-2.

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Is your spine optimally aligned? If so, congratulations! A healthy spine is essential to your overall health. If not, get it checked and fix it! Why? Because I have yet to see someone with a bad spine age gracefully. Why? Because the components of spine remodeling are proven effective.

Optimal spine alignment is essential to ward of the negative effects of time, ageing and gravity! When should you have your spine checked? 1. When you want to know whether you’re at risk for degeneration – a distorted spine cannot optimally rebuild itself over time.  2. When you plan to function the way you do now for the rest of your life – a distorted spine results in functional abnormalities, pain and the potential for disability.  3. When you prefer to detect a problem before it’s a crisis – 90% of spine distortions do not cause pain – when you have pain, your nerves are inflamed and your body is in crisis!

Demand evidence of correction, demand spine remodeling and All-Star Chiropractic!

Restored alignment allowed this patient to cancel her surgery and return to work!

Confused yet? There are 465 Phoenix chiropractors to choose from! Here are some common sense tips to help you decide which phoenix chiropractor is best for you. 1. How about simplicity! Here at All-Star Chiropractic we keep it simple. 2. How about being specific! Here at All-Star Chiropractic we understand that working with the spine is not a guessing game. Here at All-Star Chiropractic we are specific.

Simply stated, the spine has a normal shape. Our advanced digital x-ray analysis will show you exactly what your spine looks like. How’s that for specific! In other words, we prove whether or not you have a problem. It’s that simple! There’s no guessing involved! After that, we simply explain what should be done to remodel your spine – if applicable. It’s that easy.

Choose All-Star Chiropractic because you deserve proof of an existing spine problem and evidence of correction. View for yourself some of our amazing before and after pictures and see why All-Star Chiropractic is an excellent choice for corrective chiropractic in Phoenix Arizona. So, as you can see, there’s really no reason to be confused. Spend some time browsing through our before and after pictures of results and see why WE are the obvious choice! Request a free no obligation consultation now by calling 602-689-0869.

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March 7, 1845, marks the birth of a man who would change the face of healthcare forever: Daniel David Palmer (1844-1913). The first several decades of the chiropractic story involves a period of struggle and perseverance in the face of tremendous odds. Chiropractors fought passionately to achieve their current legal and professional status. The term “chiropractic” originates from the Greek words “cheir” and “praxis” meaning “done by hand.”

Some of the earliest pictures depicting spinal manipulation were discovered in prehistoric cave paintings in southwestern France; these early historical records date back to 17,500 B.C.  Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-370 BC), expressed considerable interest in the spine and of spinal misalignment problems, in his monumental work known as the Corpus Hippocrateum.

A quick look at history reveals hundreds of differing opinions concerning health care. However, one fundamental feature remains constant — the belief that illness, wherever it appears and whatever form it takes, is first and foremost a loss of proper function.

The birth of Chiropractic, as a distinct healing profession, occurred on September 18, 1895 in the town of Davenport, Iowa when D.D. Palmer delivered the first known chiropractic adjustment to a misaligned vertebra in the neck of Harvey Lillard and restored his lost hearing. D.D. Palmer did not claim to be the first to restore a malpositioned vertebra, but he was the first to use the specific, short lever technique that later became known as Chiropractic.

Within two years, Dr. Palmer opened the first school of Chiropractic in Davenport. From 1906 to 1913, D.D. Palmer published two books, “The Science of Chiropractic” and “The Chiropractor’s Adjuster.” He died in Los Angeles at the age of 68. His son, Bartlett Joshua, continued his father’s work. B.J. Palmer is credited with developing chiropractic into the clearly defined and unique health care system we know today.

Time continues to demonstrate Chiropractic’s unique ability to reduce hospitalizations, surgery, and dependence on medicine among people across the globe. Although the profession has advanced tremendously since the days of D.D. and B.J., the principles of chiropractic as a drug-free choice for health care remain the same as they were 100 years ago.

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This picture demonstrates why a one-size-fits-all approach to spine care don’t work. It never has and never will! Simply stated, if you don’t know exactly where your spine is right now, your approach to spine care is non-specific. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, massage, physical therapy, medication, injections, stretching, a fancy/expensive bed, lumbar support…regardless of the approach, if it fails to account for your specific spine distortion, you’re just hoping and praying it will work. If that’s okay with you, continue along the path you’ve chosen. If you desire a more specific approach to spine health and your anti-aging efforts, call All-Star Chiropractic today and learn how spine remodeling and our unique approach just makes sense.

You Deserve Better

Choice #1, Hope & Pray. Choice#2, Wait & See. In this case, both approaches failed and the result is obvious! This patient experienced no pain until one day, while at work, she felt such a sharp pain that she fell to her knees. Unfortunate? Yes! Bad luck? No! It’s the result of a lifetime of poor spine care.

Most folks never think to have their spine checked until they’re in pain and their body’s in crisis. Most folks don’t realize that serious problems start out as small problems and those small problems can easily be identified by a posture check. In this case, the extent of degeneration seen on x-ray reveals a problem that started over 20 years prior to her pain complaint. In other words, we could’ve detected this serious distortion in its infancy and made a huge impact in this patient’s life. Instead, this patient decided to never have her spine checked and ended up having to get cut on. Surgery became her only option.

The moral of the story: the hope-and-pray and the wait-and-see approach to healthcare don’t work. Here at All-Star Chiropractic we feel you deserve a spine specific approach to health. Have your spine checked today to ensure a healthy and functional future…a future that doesn’t involve pain, surgery and/or disability!

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