Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source WANTS YOU!

In 1944 Doctor BJ Palmer shared The Big Idea – restoring health to nations drug-free!

It’s now 2019, 75 years later & there’s still a lot to do.

ARIZONA ORTHOTICS proudly presents…

-Chiropractic’s Secured Referral Source-

We WANT spine care in your office to remain the only focus, but we do WANT your foot problem patients!

And, we WANT your structural short leg patients!

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-Top 3 Difficulties Arizona DC’s Who Ignore Foot Problems Experience-

 1. Slander: Patients with foot problems seek help from various sources.

Whether on-line or from an “Allied Healthcare Professional,” history has proven the bias against chiropractic & that’s not okay.

Arizona Orthotics would prefer folks continue with their spine care in your office and not be dissuaded.

2. Attrition: For example, your patient visits someone “in-network”.

From there, the options are endless. Medication, injections, rock hard antiquated custom foot orthotics (Yes, “they” still make ‘em), or worse yet, surgery!

POINT BEING: Lost focus on their spine care in your office now that the foot problem is the main focus.

3. Poverty: All these visits to “the others” cost Time & Money BOTH of which could benefit their spine care!

Let’s bring BJ’s Big Idea to fruition, together, in our lifetime!

Call us today @ 480-307-4060 and ask for Dr. Dave.

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